Money Saving Alternatives for Beauty Services

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Published: 31st August 2012
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With manicured nails, hair styling, and skin care services skyrocketing in cost, there has to be a more cost effective alternative to save money and still get quality beauty services. The following are some of our best suggestions for money saving techniques to avoid over-priced beauty salons.

Let’s talk about an experience that thousands of beauty salon patrons go through every day. I went to my usual salon for the basic wash, trim, and hair styling that I treat myself to every now and then. My local salon is usually reasonably priced, and the hair stylists are friendly and talented enough. But, when it came time to step to the register and pay for my services, the relatively short touch up session ended up costing me a bank breaking $100!

This got me thinking, as professional hair stylist services continue to expand to include skin care services, manicured nails, and other auxiliary services, how expensive are beauty salon visits becoming? And, are there other services which can provide the same quality treatments without the hefty price tag? During our research, we’ve found that the following are the most popular methods for avoiding the inflating cost of beauty services.

Bargain Shopping
Dedicated bargain shoppers have been doing exactly this for years. Hunting down the heftiest deals in your local area, and following those deals to different salons is a good way of cutting down cost for professional beauty services. Many deals can cut beauty service prices in half, and buy-one-get-one services will often lead to sampling new services that you may not have ever actively tried.

The downside to bargain hunting is that you never stay at one salon, thus you will have to travel farther and farther away to pay for inconsistent service. Sometimes you will receive great service, but if you’re shopping around than you cannot develop a repertoire with a preferred hair stylist or salon.

Home Care
Learning to provide the services for yourself is another idea that comes to mind. Most products used in salons can be purchased in a store or online. A professional’s skill is the only thing that’s separating you from a salon look at minimal cost.

The problem is that many services, especially a haircut and skin treatment services, cannot be properly performed without assistance from another person. Also, the time spent to learn professional quality beauty services is extensive, if not consuming. Attending cosmetology school to train in all salon services is effective, yet takes a strong commitment and time that few are willing to invest without gaining profit. Thus, offering your own beauty services to friends and family could provide a valuable source of secondary income.

Beauty School
This may seem somewhat unconventional, but beauty schools are always looking for customers for their most advanced students to hone their skills at heavily discounted prices. Under the rigorous supervision of a professional hair stylist and cosmetology school instructor, a cosmetology professional in training can provide all of the services available from a beauty salon, at a fraction of the cost.

The students performing the services are heavily trained, and each action is monitored by the instructors that are supervising the sessions. The downside, as with bargain hunting, is that the nature of a vocational school means that it will be nearly impossible to develop a repertoire with a preferred stylist. However, the services are so inexpensive that you may end up paying a quarter to a third of what you would pay for the same services at your local beauty salon. All-in-all, this is the best money saving technique if you’re lucky enough to have an accredited beauty school in your area.

If you live in the Abilene area of Texas there is a beauty school near you that provides this service. Texas College of Cosmetology offers many salon services to the public including: hair stylists’ services, skin care services & more. Call for an appointment or visit their website at for more information.

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